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Large Landscape [Photoshoot]

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For large real estate, or properties larger than 2 acres. Boast your business or home's landscaping projects in their best light.

How We Do Photoshoots & Finals

1) Booking

Instead of a deposit, you'll only pay for the photoshoot upfront. Purchase a photoshoot here and we'll call you quickly to arrange a time.

2) Event Day

We'll diligently capture as many stunning images as possible during the photoshoot. Book a Consultation to get more photos.

3) Download Photos

The final photos will process within 48 hours. We'll then send you a secure link to purchase individual photos or discounted photo packages.

Photoshoot Add Ons


Get up to 3x more photos per photoshoot!

Plus, when we do the photoshoot, we'll bring you a $50 cash rebate.

We'll visit your location for 30-45 min, learning your space to perfectly plan your photography.

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Google Photo Upload

Google Maps is more likely to show user-uploaded photos of a business first (before photos uploaded by the business).

We will post your photos to your Google Business listing with a verified Google Account that has extensive review views history to help people see the photos you want them to see.

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  1. Upon checkout, you will be asked a series of questions to help us better understand your business.
  2. Also, remember to create an account with us so we can better serve you.
  3. Once purchased, you will be taken to a download page.
  4. Please download the "Welcome File." Unzip the folder to reveal a Welcome PDF, and a contract of service.
  5. Print the contract of service and sign it with a blue ink pen.
  6. We'll sign and make a copy at the photoshoot.
  7. After the photoshoot, you will be sent links to purchase the final pro photos and extra images.
  8. Final images with the cost of this photoshoot range from $60-$130 per photo, with local business and residential photos at the least of cost.

Service Area Disclaimer

If you reside within our service area of the DFW Texas metroplex or select surrounding cities, we will call within 1 business day to schedule a time. If we are unable to serve you for any reason, we will promptly refund you and notify you via email or phone.

All Photography Services

Storefront / Business

Significantly increase visitors by letting shoppers preview your business in the best light possible. Modern consumers demand it!

Office Real Estate

Seamlessly showcase your corporate real estate, ensuring you're equipped with photos that leave the biggest impression on clients and partners.

Residential Real Estate

Flawless photography of interior and exterior features. Let clients & patrons pre-visit the best of the property, ensuring that you make the sale.

Small Landscape

For Suburbs & 2 Acres (or less): Capture home (or commercial property) landscaping projects to share with clients, friends, and family.

Large Landscape

For large real estate, or properties larger than 2 acres. Boast your business or home's landscaping projects in their best light.


Capture candid moments (and poses) in 4K HD throughout concerts, corporate retreats, family reunions, birthdays, parties, you name it.