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TENSTARPHOTOS.COM - Photography Agreement


  • Client - The Client is the authority who owns or manages the property in which the photographs are captured.
  • Producer - Aaron Fitch of and all parties who are authorized by Aaron Fitch to help produce the Client's photographs.
  • Photography/photograph(s) - The photographs that the Producer delivers to the Client.


The Client agrees to allow the Producer to photograph the establishment's interior and exterior under the following conditions:

  1. The Client is responsible for paying a service fee for the photoshoot via
  2. The Client will ensure that sensitive property features are not present in the photography images prior to using or purchasing the photography images.
  3. Pictures containing recognizable people will be deleted by the Producer.
  4. The Producer will notify the Client via email and/or SMS text message when the final photographic images are ready for purchase.
  5. The Producer will send the Client a URL link(s) where the Client can purchase High Definition images of the same photography and/or extra images.
  6. Each image, in addition to the cost of the photoshoot, shall not exceed $150.
  7. The Client will not hold the Producer liable for any damages or loss during the photoshoot or as a result of the Client’s usage of the photographs. Nor will the Producer hold the Client liable for any damages during the photoshoot or from the Client’s usage of the photographs.
  8. The Producer will release full usage rights to the Client for the photographs that the Client downloads from the URL link(s) (4).