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TENSTARPHOTOS.COM - Terms of Service


  • Client - The Client is the authority who owns or manages the property in which the photographs are captured and holds legal authority to authorize the photography services.
  • Producer - Aaron Fitch of and all parties who are authorized by Aaron Fitch to help produce the Client's photographs.
  • Photography/photograph(s) - The photographs that the Producer delivers to the Client.

Photoshoot Scheduling:

The Producer will contact the Client within 3 business days via phone and/or email to schedule the photoshoot for the photography.

When the Client accepts the Producer’s invitation via Google Calendar, the Client enters into the following agreements:

Photoshoot Cancellations:

Photoshoots must be canceled by the Client at least 3 days in advance to the photoshoot via telephone at 214-903-0406, else the Producer is not obligated to provide any reimbursement.

All successfully canceled photoshoots by the Client will incur a 25% fee, where 75% of the purchase price will be refunded to the Client. 

If the Producer cancels the photoshoot, 100% of the purchase price will be refunded to the Client.

Photoshoot Rescheduling:

Photoshoots must be rescheduled by the Client 24 hours in advance to the photoshoot else the Producer is not obligated to provide any scheduling accommodations or reimbursements.

Photoshoots rescheduled within 24 hours of the scheduled photoshoot time will incur a 25% fee, which the Client will pay prior to the photoshoot. The 25% rescheduling fee is waived if the Client endures a family or medical emergency or unforeseen damage to the property where the photoshoot is to take place, or if the Producer determines that weather interruptions will hinder the photoshoot.

Photoshoot/Photography Refunds:

Refunds for photoshoots are only provided to the Client with a successful photoshoot cancellation, as described in “Photoshoot Cancellations” section above.

Refunds for purchased photography are not provided to the Client. All photograph sales are final.

Photograph Revisions:

The client may request one revision per purchased photo, Further revisions will incur a fee of 25% of the photography purchase price, per photograph, less the cost of the photoshoot.